Our biggest update ever

During the development of this update, we have significantly improved the user-friendliness and speed of Dock. A refreshed design, a revamped navigation structure, and smart tools ensure that you get even more out of your online business. On this page, we're excited to explain what we've done.

Dock 7.0

Even more efficientEven fasterEven Better beter

Increase your productivity by using Dock 7.0. By integrating your website, inventory system, POS system, CRM, HR, and more into one system, you'll save oceans of time.

New interface

Redesigned icons

For clear guidance of our tools.

Redesigned Navigation

Fully personalized

Completely revamped calendar.

Easily assign tasks and create task overviews.

New Tools

Realtime SEO checker

Make your pages easily discoverable.

Titel score
Slug score
Tekst score
Omschrijving score
Sleutelwoord score

Dynamic workflow

Work with tags, columns, and filters to make your overview as clear as possible.

New interface

Renewed icons

The system appears much cleaner as the icons are now aligned. All aimed at providing users with a more pleasant experience while using Dock.

Renewed navigation

By making the navigation narrower, there is more space on your screen to work with. Additionally, the module buttons have been moved to the bottom for optimal space-saving.

Fully personalized

By linking a profile photo to your user, you can quickly identify who has done what within your organization. Assign tasks and send messages to each other.

Completely renewed agenda

With a significant upgrade to the agenda, we can proudly state that this Dock module can now be used as a full-fledged agenda where tasks within your organization can be allocated.

Renewed features

Real-time SEO checker on pages

Dock calculates an SEO score by adding up various points, allowing you to see at a glance which pages need work.

Dynamic workflow

See only the columns you need and filter the information you want to see. This way, you create structure and overview.