Manage your order system stand-alone or in combination with a webshop!

Save oceans of time & and money by automating both your purchasing and sales in an all-in-one system

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Keep your customers informed for optimal customer satisfaction.

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Let Dock automatically convert orders into easy retrievable invoices.


By automatically placing invoices in your accounting system, you save time and money.

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Order pdf's

After a order is completed by a client, an order summery is automatically sent to the customer, you and the administrator.

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Structure & Overview

Custom Processes

How organizations fulfill orders varies greatly. As a result, these processes are fully flexible with us.

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Order Management

Clearly overview open orders and those that need to be processed.

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Invoice Overview

Easily overview your invoices to see, for example, the payment statuses.

Order Statistics

View your generated revenue per day, month, or year.

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Manual order creation

Easily add manual orders in Dock.

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Integration with Dock Webshop

By collecting all your webshop orders and offline orders in one overview, you optimize your business operations.

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Integration with external platforms

(coming soon)

Achieve even more sales by adding your products on multiple popular channels like Bol & Amazon, and centrally manage your products..

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All tools within our order system.


Effortlessly manage your orders with a convenient overview.

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Quickly access your orders to understand what needs to be delivered.


Organize all your customers neatly in a portal.

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Order pdf's

Access all necessary PDF files.

Order procedures

To streamline order processing.

Order bewerken

Make modifications or create orders manually.

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Automatic Mailing

To share relevant information seamlessly.

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Automatic Bookkeeping

For extra time-saving.

Automatic Procurement

Another smart tool by Dock.

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Automatic Registration with Carrier

So your carrier can plan ahead.

Smart Products

Products save themselves for reuse.

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Keep yourself and colleagues informed about orders.

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Get the most out of your order system by integrating it with a Padgin webshop.