Managing webshops and generating sales has never been easier.

Everything on this page serves as an addition to the features mentioned on the website.

A system where your webshop runs so securely and swiftly that you gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

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Webshop performance

High PageSpeed

Fast loading times maximize user experiences and Google rankings.

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Extremely secure

Monthly updates ensure that security techniques are always up-to-date.

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SEO optimized

Your webshop performs like no other due to its fast loading time and the information Dock provides to Google.

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Easily manage your webshop.

All your inventory in one place.

Connect your webshop with your POS system, inventory system, and favorite sales channels, and manage everything in Dock.

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Endless synchronizations.

Inventories can also be managed externally, for instance by implementing APIs from your supplier.

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Websites are easily customizable through the Blockbuilder without any programming knowledge.

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Extremely simple

Product values can be directly imported into Dock, just as your supplier offers them.

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Get the most out of your e-commerce.

Secure checkout.

Products and services can be paid for through almost all online and offline channels, such as cash, iDeal, PayPal, and Klarna.

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Selling via social media.

Social media is an integral part of today's landscape. That's why we link your products to Facebook & Instagram for increased reach and sales.

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Integration with platforms 

(coming soon).


By adding your products to multiple popular channels like Bol & Amazon and managing them centrally, you can achieve even more sales!

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All the tools to make the most out of your webshop.

Smart shopping cart.

This shopping cart checks stocks and efficiently loads its information.

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Shareable wishlists.

Create wishlists and send them to your customers.

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Endless filters.

So that visitors become customers as easily as possible.

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Comprehensive configurator.

Every product can be configured in our shop.

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Smart discount module.

Plan all the promotions your supplier or you come up with in seconds.

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Automatic mailing.

So that you, your customers, your supplier, and your transporter stay informed.

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Generate PDFs.

Invoices, orders, quotes with and without letterhead formatting.

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Attributes & Items.

Let your visitors customize products to their liking.

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Order management.

Have an overview of all order statuses.

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Related products.

For easy upselling.

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Recently viewed.

Remind your customers of their interests.

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Customer portal.

All your customers in one simple overview.

Past orders.

Let customers see what they've ordered from you in the past.

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Order status.

So that every relevant person knows what the status is.

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Live shopping cart.

See live and later what customers put in their shopping cart.

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Compare products.

To simplify the sales process.

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For an overview for your organization and your customer.

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Easy login via your favorite channels.

Smart recommendations.

Make it easy for customers to order additional products.

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Return management.

For extra after-sales service for an order.

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Maximize the potential of your webshop by integrating it with our order system.