New website for Dock

New website for Dock

Dock and Padgin are gradually becoming two separate companies. Why are we doing this? We'd be happy to explain it to you on this page.

Did you know that this website, with 89 pages, was built within 24 hours?

In the early days of Padgin, when it was still known as Web-Lease, the tool Dock was already in development. Initially, the plan was for customers to use this tool independently.

We aimed to make the process as simple as possible, allowing anyone to create their own professional website for a modest monthly fee by simply clicking and dragging.

However, in hindsight, this proved to be too big of a step for some businesses, as they had to manage it themselves. As a result, it became more common for us to take responsibility for the development and maintenance of websites and webshops for our clients. There was also an increasing demand for graphic design, video production, photography, and various forms of marketing support. To meet this growing demand, we expanded our team and entered into collaborations.

Currently, we find ourselves at a crossroads in terms of positioning. Are we a software company? Or are we a digital agency? Perhaps we are both? And if that's the case, how can we quickly and clearly explain to our clients and connections what exactly we do?

That's why we recently made the decision to take action. A new website and social media presence for Dock are in the works. We want to create a clear distinction and target a different audience.

Padgin acts as a digital agency, while Dock is focused on software. Padgin utilizes the Dock software to provide its services.

Did you know that this website with 89 pages was created in 24 hours using Dock?