Variable difficulty level

Some people are naturally more computer-savvy than others. Creating a system that is equally easy for everyone is an enormous challenge. We have thought long and hard about how to approach this. Padgin aims to provide its customers with all the possibilities a website needs while allowing them to use it without any programming knowledge. And what if someone wants to be able to program within Dock?

We've come up with a solution. By setting up user-specific visibility settings, we can implement various restrictions to keep the user experience of Dock manageable. We've also ensured that the Blockbuilder can be used in three ways.

The Easy Way

We create complete presets and templates where the user can change the content using only the text editor. For example, this page is designed so that everything is automatically loaded except for the text. As a result, the user doesn't need to use the Blockbuilder.

The Normal Way

We leave pages without frills and the user can add blocks and adjust them in an organized manner.

The Advanced Way

Unlimited possibilities without visual constraints between blocks. These constraints usually allow you to see exactly what your website visitor sees on the front end of the website.