A unique program that has consolidated all your management tasks into a single portal.

Manage your website, webshop, CRM, and order system in one platform

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About Dock

Dock is a program developed by Padgin. The idea behind Dock is that businesses don't need to have multiple programs and subscriptions; instead, all digital services are consolidated in one portal. This portal manages your website, webshop, order system, calendar, CRM, and in the future, much more.


Monthly updates

Dock is growing with each passing day.

80+ users


2100+ created pages

Search engines love it

Fast loading times maximize your Google rankings

"For the first time logged in to make some changes to our website. I'm not really familiar with website editing, but this was actually very simple. I didn't need the manual. Nice program!"


Infinite possibilities

Discover what our webshops can do

25000+ products created

Order system

Automate everything

By automating your order processing workflow, you save a lot of time and increase your customer satisfaction.

Automate tasks within your organization

Structure & overview

All your customers in one convenient overview

What are the benefits?

Technical always up-to-date

Through the updates we apply frequently, the entire system stays up-to-date and compliant with current regulations and standards.

Everything in one overview

How great is it to be able to monitor, manage, and create all your affairs in one portal? Curious about our other services?

Efficient & sustainable 

By hosting the entire system on one efficient server, we save an incredible amount of load and energy.

Infinite customization options

Because we have built the system ourselves, we are able to implement all applications according to your preferences. You are not dependent on a third party.

Who is Dock for?


Keep a digital overview of your business and create content without design or programming knowledge.


Manage user permissions, capabilities, and preferences on a per-user basis.


Ideal for agencies looking for a platform to manage their own digital business and that of their clients.


In fact, there's a reason for everyone to consider how Dock could be an enhancement. Experience it online or request a demo.